David transformed my hair from frizzy waves to soft, silky, smooth gorgeous hair! The smoothing treatment is a must! I highly recommend David for all your hair and makeup wishes!
Can I just say I travel 45 min to see David. He truly is talented and I would recommend anyone who truly values their hair to see him. His knowledge of hair and the ability to see your vision with your hair is hard to find in most stylist. I had a horrible experience where a salon dyed my hair black instead of using color removal to remove a lavender on a blonde and I left that other salon crying. David has now seen me on three different occasions for several hours each time and has final gotten be back to being my blonde self! He will never harm your hair to achieve desired look but will always achieve it with a skilled approach to keeping hair happy and healthy! Thanks David!
The very first time I went to David my hair was almost to the middle of my back. In my entire adult life I had never cut it short. But I decided then and there that I wanted an inverted bob! David asked about a dozen times just to be sure I knew what I was doing ? But in the end I walked out of the salon feeling absolutely amazing. I’ve never gotten so many compliments and my husband was blown away by how great the style looked! I felt and looked fabulous and had David to thank! I’d highly recommend you check him out!